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Training & Education

When converting to a new system, training is a key element for the technical staff as well as the user community.  Supporting a new system provides a unique challenge for in-house technical personnel, and Ashwood offers assistance by  teaching how to support applications from the database level.

Ashwood Also Offers:

  • Monthly Web Based Training in Partnership with Our Vendors
  • On or off-site classroom training
  • Training at Ashwood’s Facility
  • Custom Programming and Software Development.
  • Data Warehousing, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence
  • mvTools, mv.NET and mvSSIS project implementations.
  • Providing PICK/MultiValue programming services
  • MV Training classes, on-site/off-site, Cloud based
  • MultiValue Conversions, migrations and upgrades.
  • Hardware, Software & MV Database Sales and Support.
  • Systems performance analysis and tuning services.
  • We develop custom MultiValue application software
  • We support Unix, Linux and Windows based servers

MultiValue Fundamentals Training


This four-day, hands-on introduction to the concepts and use of the MultiValue database and utilities is intended for users and developers who are new to MultiValue who want to learn how data is stored and accessed in the MultiValue system and how to create and save their own ad hoc inquiries and reports.

The course includes a series of lessons combined with hands-on lab exercises that will help clarify and reinforce the concepts and tools presented. During all labs the instructor will be present to provide help and further assist in each student in understanding and completing each lab.

After each lab, a solution to the exercise will be presented to promote and facilitate further discussions and explanations. A published solution to each lab will be included in your student material to take home with you as a future reference. The class materials for each student also include copies of all presentation materials used in the lecture portions of the class.

Class topics include:

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