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Ashwood Computer provides quality products and services that consistently meet our customer’s requirements, while continually searching for ways to improve them.

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Jon Kristofferson provided invaluable help to our company in converting to a new server and upgrading our software to the latest versions. Not only is he extremely competent and knowledgeable, but, even more important, he is always positive and cheerful and very responsive. As the systems manager and database administrator, it is very comforting to know I have Jon to call on if something goes wrong or needs to be improved and is beyond my knowledge. Many, many thanks, Jon – we could not have done it without you!

I first met the fine folks at Ashwood Computer, Inc. around 1998, when the company I worked for migrated from UniVerse to jBASE. As our VAR, they were there every step of the way, providing the absolute best and professional support I’ve ever seen in 35 years in the IT business (of course, when I first started out it was called Data Processing). When I left the company in 2010 they continued supporting me as an independent consultant and contract programmer.

Even now that I’m retired and continue to use jBASE for backend work in my online store, they are there for me. Whenever I pose a problem or question to them – and I’ve come up with some doozies – they are always quick to respond and provide me with the answers I need. I can’t say enough good things about them and all the technical gurus at Ashwood. I highly recommend them for any IT needs.

Thanks, Guys!

I was very impressed by Bob Wyatt and I think Ashwood is very fortunate to have people of this caliber on staff. This has been by far the easiest and least problematic of any conversion I have been involved with in my 30 years in this industry. Bob has the rare and elusive combination of excellent technical skills combined with excellent communication skills that I thought only existed in theory. Throughout the entire conversion process, Bob kept me informed of where we were, let me be involved in any decision that would affect our business and answered all of my questions concerning new features on the new system.

Again, thanks for all of Ashwood’s help with this transition. I look forward to continue our working relationship as we go forward with our system development and continue to grow our business.

Upgrading our legacy ‘Results’ system to Ashwood’s ForeMost on Reality has helped to enable Barium & Chemicals to save time and money. It has enabled our employees to work more efficiently. With ForeMost, our inventory turn-over rate is improved, we have more accurate material tracking, and we have expedited our order processing and invoicing.

Our typical order can include many line items of very large quantities and varying products. Some orders are as small as 1 lb sample to truckloads of the same product or mixed products. We produce many different chemical compounds and each compound can have various specifications matching the customer’s engineer’s drawing or request. We custom pack our materials to our customer’s individual material handling request.

Detailed order requirements and documentation are a requirement on the sales order and shipping packets that must travel with every order to our customer sites located around the world. International Regulatory requirements such as the Harmonized Global Standard labeling, DOT, IMDG, IATA labeling, Harmonized Tariff codes, Safety Data Sheet requirements and other various trade regulations often apply and ForeMost enables us promptly and efficiently address these requirements.

It has been a pleasure working with Ashwood Computer’s techs. They have been assisting Utilities, Inc. with the legacy portion of our conversion to Oracle, and have worked diligently to be on-time with each project deadline. They have also come in under budget. In a complex conversion such as this to be on-time and under budget is a rarity and most welcomed. We look forward to working with Ashwood in the future as additional project present themselves.

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Ashwood Computer, Inc. provides quality products and services that consistently meet our customer’s requirements, while continually searching for ways to improve them.

Our experienced project managers will help you successfully accomplish your goals on time and with optimum results! Our continuing success is attributed to the diverse backgrounds of our technical staff and our overall company drive for Total Customer Satisfaction!

ForeMost ERP is an impressive new ‘Hybrid’ Solution developed utilizing our mvTools.
ForeMost is dramatically improving our customers information systems and business operations. Moreover ForeMost provides our customers a significant competitive advantage!

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