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Reports, Dashboards, Analytics, ‘Point-N-Click’ Business Intelligence, At Your Fingertips!

Advanced Digital Reports, Graphics and Dashboards.

All in real-time and automatic refreshing can be scheduled.

Print in Color or B&W or view via LCD, HDMI or Touch-Screen.

ForeMost’s graphical representations of business data provide alternative perspectives and elicit thought provoking insights!

Available with our ForeMost and via our mvTools

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Our Value – Added

Ashwood Computer, Inc. provides quality products and services that consistently meet our customer’s requirements, while continually searching for ways to improve them.

Our experienced project managers will help you successfully accomplish your goals on time and with optimum results! Our continuing success is attributed to the diverse backgrounds of our technical staff and our overall company drive for Total Customer Satisfaction!

ForeMost ERP is an impressive new ‘Hybrid’ Solution developed utilizing our mvTools.
ForeMost is dramatically improving our customers information systems and business operations. Moreover ForeMost provides our customers a significant competitive advantage!

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