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Received in response to our ‘5 Reasons’ blog post, we decided to share this email because it includes more great reasons for choosing a MultiValue database!


By: Sidney Abrahams                                                   

  1. Many vendors, millions of users, global support
  2. Optimized algorithms for operations
  3. Automatic indexing
  4. Archiving built in
  5. Transaction Logging
  6. Incremental saves
  7. Three dimensional data structure
  8. Reduced development design complexity
  9. Variable length records
  10. Can be Web enabled
  11. Database structure legally licensed over 27 times
  12. Memory resident binary code means maximum speed
  13. Ease of use, English language query
  14. SQL standard and better query capabilities, no joins needed
  15. Multi-user, multi-tasking
  16. Cross platform deployment without re-compilation
  17. Supported versions for Windows, Linux, Unix, Apple
  18. File read and update passwords separate and encrypted
  19. Virus, malware immune
  20. Data integrity checking across entire database with one command
  21. Hot swap capable
  22. Unlimited file sizes
  23. Easy programming and script languages
  24. Links to popular development environments
  25. Dictionaries (advanced tables) programmable, different data views
  26. Installation within less than 15 minutes
  27. Programs written fifty years ago are still running
  28. Deployed solutions on commercial sites exceeding 30 years
  29. Highly secure (all MI6 and UK Police systems run on Reality)
  30. Excellent TCO, safe investment in development costs
  31. Development times average ¼ that of relational databases
  32. Cost effective with reasonable support and upgrade costs
  33. ERP applications available at a reasonable cost
  34. Conversion codes for all output data formats w/o programming
  35. Seamless upgrades (no re-compilation normally necessary).
  36. Compiler can be tailored to a specific processor
  37. Virtual machine architecture, totally memory resident
  38. True virtual memory
  39. Virgin database size under 30 Mb, scales into petabytes.
  40. Only 2% of source binary code is hardware dependent, ease and speed of migration assured to new architectures as they are developed
  41. Imperceptible load on modern servers (1000 users on 128MB Memory)

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