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FastBac DR

Bullet-Proof Your Data!

FastBac DR is a utility that prepares your Multi Value Database for Back up with minimal interruption to the users of the database. Sites that are accustomed to having to force users to log-out of the database during backups no longer have that requirement!​

What an incredible benefit to any site operating 24×7!

In addition, sites with tight windows of opportunity to complete backups prior to end-users returning to work in the morning and logging in to begin their day.

Ashwood’s FastBac DR Includes:

  • Comprehensive review of your current backup procedures.
  • Review and update of your operating system.
  • Review and update of your disk configuration.
  • Review and update of your DataBase.
  • Customized shell scripting of your FastBac DR back-up.
  • Future worry-free backups of your DataBase.
  • 24×7 systems-availability for your end-users.
  • Network accessible back-ups to on-site or off, disk tape, SAN etc…
  • Ability to promptly recover archived files and/or items within files.

How does FastBac DR work?

  • FastBac DR suspends only database writes to capture a “backup image.”
  • The “Image” capture takes only seconds to complete!
  • End Users don’t know that anything has occurred.
  • This image can be used to complete a backup to tape disk.
  • Even another server without interfering with the use of the database.
  • This enables a backup system, Ready and Available, Locally or Remotely!

In fact you can save multiple electronic backup images and make them available online, offering fast and easy access to archived backup Data. Your MV DataBase must be a recent Version of: UniData, Universe, jBase, or Reality.

FastBac DR currently runs on: IBM Power Servers w/AIX 5.2, 5.3, 6 or 7

In addition on: IBM p or xSeries Servers w/ RedHat, Enterprise, Linux 4, 5, or 6.
The space required for the digital image is typically less than 20% of the space occupied by the database(s) being back up.

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