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BlueFinity's Evoke

Evoke by BlueFinity

The Rapid Application Development platform designed to provide for fast development and deployment of mobile, desktop and web apps. Evoke allows you to build business apps, and extend enterprise applications, for your customers, employees and partners in a fraction of the time and cost of regular methods.

What is Evoke?

Based on a single design and code base, Evoke will support the deployment of apps across multiple platforms and devices. Through Evoke, you can dynamically change a single user interface so that multiple sizes, types, and operating systems of these devices are provided for, presenting the users of each device with optimum visual displays. All the regular devices are supported including the iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, plus Windows, Linux, and Apple desktop.

Evoke’s powerful designer provides you with all you need to produce quality apps to meet your current business requirements. You can quickly build your user interfaces, define and manage your data, and employ Evoke guidance and business logic to create your app. And as requirements change, the Evoke designer allows for speedy customization of your app, where the single design structure means you only have to make your changes once and immediately generate the app for your multiple devices.

Data Management

Data management is a fundamental design feature of Evoke as it presents you with multiple options as to ways to design your apps without being restricted by the way your data is held. You can access different databases, different types of databases, and combine information for optimum use in your app design. Your apps can be fully integrated with back-end systems, and you can obtain immediate synchronization of data between your user devices and your back-end databases and systems.

Flexible Deployment

How you elect to deploy your apps is completely your choice as Evoke will support the generation of Web apps, Hybrid apps, or you can generate industry standard Visual Studio and Xamarin projects to deploy as native apps or to form part of your onward development program. Migrate from web apps to hybrid to native—all are supported through Evoke’s single design structure.

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With Evoke you are also able to safeguard against escalating future costs. The product’s flexible and customizable apps along with Evoke’s powerful run-time libraries will enable you to adapt to ever changing technologies and business requirements. Together with Evoke’s adherence to Application Lifecycle Management to support the entire development, management, and customization process, the powerful options and growth paths open to you through Evoke are unlimited, and most importantly will future proof your apps.

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