ForeMost Version 3 Released

News Release   For Immediate Release Introducing the Latest Release of ForeMost, Adaptable Business Systems for Manufactures, Distributors, Commercial Businesses, Government, and Not-For Profits   CINCINNATI – October 2017 –  Ashwood Computer, Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio continues development of their ERP solution to help take your business software to a new level with ForeMost v3.0. ForeMost enables…

Lessons learned from Equifax

Recently a major credit bureau, Equifax was hacked and many millions of records of personal data were stolen. The President of Equifax was warned of aging and inadequate cyber security measures, but did not act. He is now testifying in front of a congressional committee.  You can measure the lifespan of an organization with an…

Power Lunch

Training is often overlooked in most businesses. We value education when we hire a new employee but do not continue the education process after the hire. Literature on the best run companies always place training of their staff high on the list of priorities. Losing key employees for a week or two of training, the…

Drumheller Trick

One of the primary developers of what became Prime Information was John Drumheller. I was employed at Prime computer and was introduced to Prime Information. In my work I came across a document that described a method of processing the data in a file using an efficient method that was attributed to John Drumheller. Typically…

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