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Ashwood’s ‘A-Team’ Providing Proactive Remote Problem Prevention Services

Drawing on more than twenty years of experiences gained providing ‘1st Call’ Database, Hardware and OS support responses for users of MultiValue business systems, Ashwood’s ‘A-Team’ is now also providing proactive, remote server audits for businesses around the globe.
The ‘A-Team’ remotely connects to a business server on a recurring basis, daily, weekly or monthly depending on the service schedule. Once connected, the ‘A-Team’ utilize advanced systems analysis and management tools to thoroughly, evaluate each server, either Unix, Linux or Windows based.
With their analysis session completed, the ‘A-team’ compiles a thorough report detailing their findings and observations. These detailed reports include notes on performance issues, trends, logs and also any security concerns discovered. Easily maintained and shared, these ‘A-Team’ reports enable useful comparisons over time by management, auditors and Board Members. Each report demonstrates on-going, professional due diligence and also serves as useful evidence should the need for preventive maintenance service be indicated.  Ashwood’s ‘A-Team’ members work with and as directed by, ‘C’ level and MIS level managers daily and they also provide annual or quarterly on-site, server review services and assistance testing and evaluating corporate DR plans.
This proactive approach to support service provision is minimizing downtime and saving our customers significant time, effort and expense!
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