Paradigm Systems Announces Mercury Flash Version 5.4.0

Mercury Flash Version 5.4.0 is Here

In order to deliver the best possible MultiValue database performance tool in the industry, Paradigm Systems has been working hard to improve Mercury Flash. We are pleased to announce that Mercury Flash Release 5.4.0 is now available.

Here are just a few of the enhancement you will find in release 5.4.0:

  • Improved Web Server performance – The Onyx web server has been enhanced to improve performance.
  • Improved AutoTune – AutoTune has been enhanced to more accurately calculate parameters for both the udtconfig and uvconfig files.
  • File Analysis Collections – The Emergency analysis utility has been enhanced to allow for the creation of named file collections across multiple accounts so you are no longer limited to a single emergency group.
  • Auto Recovery – When performing analysis using multiple threads, Mercury can now recover a failed phantom process during the analysis phase.
  • Calendar of Events – A new calendar has been added that will display all scheduled events, as well as predictions as to when storage space will reach specific thresholds. This is a great tool for planning expansion of file systems and other major events.
  • Improved Account Cleaner – The Account Cleaner has been completely redesigned allowing better control of configurations and to prepare for upcoming enhancements to help you keep your MultiValue accounts clean and organized.
  • and much much more – Additionally there have been many performance enhancements and other improvements to Mercury Flash, making it the best solution for managing your U2 database.

As always, our primary goal at Paradigm Systems is to provide the database management tool the MultiValue industry needs to keep UniData, UniVerse and OpenQM databases performing at their best.
If you are not using Mercury Flash, your U2 system is not running efficiently. Maybe it’s time to schedule a free demo and discover for yourself how Mercury Flash can help.