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One of the most commented-on posts on the Rocket® MultiValue Blog is about Rocket D3? If you haven’t checked out this popular must-read, read “ D3 hidden gems: 5 tips that can make using D3 easier” now!

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  3. Python is available in Rocket D3 10.3.1
  4. Rocket® D3 10.3.1 for LINUX & AIX | Now Available!

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Invest In Your Education Attend Intl-Spectrum 2020

Make your plans now to attend The International Spectrum Conference and Exhibition Tampa FL, 2020, April 20th-23rd

CIO, CTI and Management Personal need understand the latest technologies being presented to them by third-party application developers, sales people and in-house IT staff. They need to know If, when and why a technology should be implemented within their enterprise, as well as, what other changing factors in business and software may affect their planning. These sessions are designed for the CIO/CTI and IT managers in mind. Most are high level sessions designed to help management understand what exists and/or why it should be used.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) –

Privacy and IT Compliance for 2020 –

Planning Business Continuity during a Disaster –

Automated Testing Methodology for MultiValue Developers –

MultiValue Retrieval Syntax –

How to Interview Tech Talent –

Code Review and Coding for Testing –

Universe Replication –

Setup a Succession Plan for your IT Department –

MultiValue Modernization – Yes, we can do that! –

Database Archeology: Discovering how data and software are used in your applications –

Business Software; Re-architect vs. Replace –

Register today!https://lnkd.in/eUM_Yyn RefCode: 245809-18636-167350

Sharing The TOP FIVE Reasons to Attend International Spectrum Conference and Exhibits

5) Gain insight from leading MultiValue Industry Specialist regarding new technologies and strategies in solving problems.

4) Speak to Product Experts and explore how-to expand your existing systems.

3) Learn about New Features from your database providers that would increase the ROI of your Business and Computer Systems.

2) Save time. Find solutions to problems you face on a daily basis.

1) Get access to coding tips and solutions to speed up your daily development and testing.

Take a close look at the schedule to see some of the other reasons to attend.


Keep in mind that all attendees will receive the following:

Access Session Videos and Downloads – a lot of materials for you to take home.  Sometimes the USB drive being passed around the room just isn’t enough.  International Spectrum provides all attendees access to the slides, examples, and all else speakers provide from a central download location and there will be On-Demand videos provided so that you can share the sessions you attended with your management and fellow employees.

Expert Q&A sometime you just need to sit down with someone that knows more than you do to get an answer.  The Experts Q&A allows you to corner one or more Speakers to get the detail and answers to your questions

Sponsors at the conference help you find solutions to enhancing and growing your enterprise  and improving your software.  Attend demos, get downloads, and receive tutorials on powerful software that will enhance your business.

Find out more Today! http://www.intl-spectrum.com/m/7eFk/53D3u/conference/

There are only 3 Weeks to save $300.00 on your Conference Registration.

Reference Code: 244211-14884-167331