The Power of the MultiValue Database is infinite! Keep your business modern with MultiValue Technologies!

Make Your Reservations and Join Us at the International Spectrum Conference, April 8th-10th, to make sure your MultiValue Business Software is using the most up-to-date technologies.

MultiValue Databases provide great flexibility when doing reporting, connectivity, data replications, and security, just to name a few things. International Spectrum provides breakout session for developers and users alike, so that they can be assured they are receiving the most from their existing investment.

For Developers and Administrators:

  • 40+ Training Sessions
  • Networking with other MultiValue Professionals
  • Make appointments with Sponsors and Industry Experts

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If you haven’t implemented or seen any of the built-in features that have been released in the last few years, then you are losing out. If you are looking for the connection or integration features that are not already included, then come out and talk with the Sponsors.

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Intl-Spectrum U2, D3 User Summit – Tues. April 9th

The Power of U2 and D3 is infinite!

Don’t Miss This Tuesday (April 9th) event, during the main International Spectrum 2019 Conference.

MultiValue Users and Decision Makers can access the industry experts, VARS, product updates and sessions on the latest MultiValue-aware products.


  • Talk with your VAR
  • Attend sessions on Product Updates and new Products
  • Network with the MultiValue Experts in attendance

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Need A New ERP? Don’t Break The Bank…

We all know ERPs are incredibly expensive—for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Oracle and SAP will happily consume your entire IT budget… and more!

Why are ERPs typically so expensive?

  1. Every business is different. Internally, business units even have different processes. ERP implementations require significant customization to accommodate these business needs.
  2. ERPs must integrate with numerous external data sources in order to be useful. Companies use a wide variety of business applications—these take substantial time and money to carefully integrate.
  3. Deploying an ERP is just the beginning of a robust maintenance and update cycle. It can take considerable effort just to keep your ERP functional, let alone adding new features.

This is why ERPs typically break the bank, but there’s a better way. ForeMost ERP is a holistic business system software solution of integrated modular applications—a reliable, comprehensive solution at a fraction of the cost of other ERPs.

We don’t try to force you to adapt your business processes to our solution. ForeMost ERP is customizable to your business needs and integrates seamlessly with your existing third-party applications.

Our experts work with you to understand your business processes and current software, then rapidly customize ForeMost to deliver a holistic solution.

Our rapid deployment of ForeMost accelerates your time to value significantly—your business can expect an increase in productivity as soon as ForeMost is implemented.

Software development costs are reduced more than 60% with built-in mvTools.

Could your business use a more reliable, stable ERP solution without breaking the bank? Get in touch using the form on the right side of this page to learn more.